September 23, 2010

"Minister for Energy and Climate Change"
Living as we do in the reputed "greatest country on earth," you would assume that the biggest and best of everything is here. We've already learned that's a false assumption when it comes to health care. And now, with wind farms, too (via AFP):
The world's largest offshore wind farm was officially opened off the east Kent coast on Thursday, part of the government's bid to reduce the carbon emissions that drive climate change.

...The site, a forest of giant turbines in the North Sea off the coast of the district of Thanet, has 100 turbines installed so far with a total of 341 planned.

Swedish energy company Vattenfall, which built the farm, says it has the potential to power 200,000 homes.

The farm will increase Britain's capacity to generate wind power by more than 30 percent.

Situated around seven miles (12 kilometres) out to sea, the 380-foot (115-metre) high turbines are spread over more than 22 square miles (35 square kilometres) and are visible from the shore.

The farm is expected to produce 300 megawatts of energy at full capacity, which would see Britain's renewable energy capacity rise to five gigawatts.

Gee, it sure would be nice if we invested in something like that! But the thing that caught my eye was the title of the British government official quoted later in the article. He's the Minister for Energy and Climate Change.

So let me get this straight. The UK's "radical" right-wing Lib-Con coalition, the one that dumped Labor last spring and is in the process of dismantling the British health care system and welfare state, even they are completely happy to put "Climate Change" in a minister's job title. And we...? Do...? Sigh.

Photo credit: Vattenfall

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