May 14, 2010

E. Coli at Your Desk

What's gross about this New York Daily News item on the Royal Chemistry Society's "office hygiene" intitiative isn't just the fact that there's E. coli and other disease-causing bacteria infesting your keyboard. The fact is there's E coli pretty much everywhere. It's the litany of depressing workplace habits reported by officeworkers. Just read this tale of woe:
"I eat at my desk a lot. I've never cleaned my keyboard. Most of the crumbs just fall in between the keys," said graphic designer Jean-Pierre Chery, 27, who lives in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

"I've got a whole ecosystem going on at the bottom of my keyboard right now."

...New York office worker Eiesha Earlington, 30, says she got a big scare after getting a rash on her face from using her office phone. She now wipes her workspace after eating at her desk, and uses compressed air spray to blow any lunch leftovers from her computer keyboard.

"You always have to be careful," said the financial planner, who lives in Woodbridge, N.J.

"On some desks you can see the germs and the dirt creates a little fingerprint, and that's just gross," she said.

"It's disgusting. I usually don't like to have anybody else at my desk except for me."

Other New Yorkers reluctantly admitted their keyboards are a perfect haven for rodents looking for a bite to eat.

"I'm definitely the one with the worst desk in the office," said Dawn Bruent, 40, a claims adjustor who lives in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. "I found ants on my desk once."

"I eat at my desk every day and spend about seven hours at my keyboard," she added.

"I haven't cleaned my desk in about eight months.
These people should definitely talk to their shop stewards about getting better working conditions. Oh, right. Americans hate unions because they do so much better bargaining as free agents. Sorry, I forgot.

Photo credit: Jeffrey Beall

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