November 13, 2009

Save Bed-Stuy Farm!
This is no good. New York City has been supporting an effort to build housing on top of what was once a garbage dump but is now a thriving urban farm. As Kerry Trueman of The Green Fork reported back in August:
[T]he Bed-Stuy Farm is a stellar example of urban agriculture that produces 7,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables annually. Tomorrow? If the developer has its way, the Bed-Stuy Farm may soon be plowed under and paved over.

"The intent was always to do affordable housing on this site," Housing Preservation and Development Department official Margaret Sheffer told the New York Daily News last week. "The garden had essentially come in as a squatter." The HPD wants to sell the lot in order to pay off a debt of roughly $275,000 incurred by the developer, Neighborhood Partnership Housing Development/Direct Building Management.

Sadly, the city is still intent on this. There's a petition circulating to help save it. To inspire you, here's a short video about it. Speaking as someone who's lucky enough to get veggies from an urban farm for more than six months of the year, I can tell you that the thought of a successful one being bulldozed is just miserable.

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Blogger Stefan said...

Well I signed the petition... Though I'm not sure how much good it will do coming from DC.

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