October 2, 2009

Say Goodbye to "The Big Three"

Can't say as I ever expected to link to an inflight magazine article. But it's by the WaPo's food writer Jane Black and it's got an awesome chart. Oh, and it's about sustainable sushi. And it finds the good news in the bad news regarding "the Big Three" fish that are both the most popular and the most threatened sushi ingredients: salmon, eel and bluefin tuna. Like the song says, there are indeed other fish in the sea:
Sustainable alternatives to the Big Three are getting easier to find--and tastier. At Moshi Moshi, a chain of sushi bars in London, diners can opt for eco-dishes like seabass sashimi and prawn nigiri. At San Francisco's Tataki Sushi & Sake Bar, patrons stand in line for as long as two hours for the restaurant's famous "faux-nagi," sablefish seared and brushed with a sweet, sultry sauce that mimics the taste of the ever-popular (but unsustainable) unagi, or eel. In Portland, Oregon, Bamboo Sushi serves fish with a Marine Stewardship Council stamp of approval. The council okays sea creatures including haddock, halibut, hake and herring (and that's just the H's).
And as for that awesome (and depressing and -- at least it should be -- behavior changing) chart? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the noble bluefin tuna's great and tragic disappearing act.

Not much room left on the y-axis, folks. If that won't stop you from eating bluefin tuna, I can't imagine what will.

Photo by adactio used under a CC license

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Anonymous bren yule said...

I just found your site and find it all very enlightening. My daughter and her hubby own two Sushi venues
and I forwarded your article to them. Thank you for making your readers aware! We just planted a garden too! With the help of Victory Gardens!
My oldest daughter and her hubby used to live in Penn.
She worked at Reegers Farm. A registered dietician, she now has Roots.
You can say I'm a proud Mom. My chilcren have taught me so much and I'm still learning everyday!

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