October 21, 2008

Road Tripping
A contributor to the Ethicurean recently went on a months-long nationwide road trip wherein she determined to eat organically and sustainably the whole time. This led her on a tour of farmers' markets and food co-ops throughout the country. Though she did not appear to have visited Pennsylvania, she does mention several outstanding Midwestern and New England co-ops. Her experiences encouraged her to ruminate on what qualities made her faves successful. Given that Beyond Green cohabitates with a food co-op, I figured this subject was, well, relevant. The whole post is worth a read, but here are her four features of a great co-op presented for your edification:
  1. The people that worked there were excited about and valued good food; they were not just employees.
  2. The co-op had some kind of gathering place.
  3. The store was stocked differently from a conventional grocery store, but was just as well organized.
  4. The produce section of the co-op was well-stocked and well-labeled, and the items were not pre-bagged “for convenience” in a plastic bag.
There's no question that Weavers Way qualifies. If you're not already shopping at a food co-op, I imagine you're thinking, "Gee, that not how it is at the Pathmark!" Now perhaps you have a sense of what you're missing.

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Blogger charliereece said...

While it's not a co-op, the Carrboro Farmers Market is totally awesome. You know, if you ever happen to find yourself in the area. For some reason.

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