September 22, 2008

And So We Begin
What's a blog doing right here on the Weavers Way website? One way to think of this blog and the motivations behind it is as an extension of the various passionate debates that occur in the Weavers Way store aisles every day. After all, the Weavers Way mission statement says:
We are committed to the environment. We work to sustain a healthy planet, promote environmentally sound products and practices, encourage and support local and organic farming, and try to act with environmental consciousness in all our endeavors.
It seemed like an obvious idea to try to apply those values to a blog that would serve our community. But how best to do that? Initially, I thought I would simply serve up my take on the interesting eco-news of the day. But as I began looking around for inspiration, I was astounded at the number of mass-media "green" news and blog services launched in just the last few months. From the NYT Magazine's recent Green Issue to Time Magazine's version to Discovery Channel's brand spanking new Planet Green Channel, it's starting to get pretty crowded out there in greenspace.

All that MSM attention made me realize that the green movement is staring down the gullet of a massive "contrary indicator" as the financial folks might say. The fact that the MSM is fully on board this whole global warming thing can mean only one thing - it's too late.

I almost made this blog's tagline, "How to stop worrying and love the heat." But I couldn't do it. That would be too defeatist. There's a lot for us to do between now and when the ocean comes lapping at my Philadelphia Mt. Airy doorstep. We need to look at all these green developments with an eye to the following:

1) Figuring out how to live sustainably in an unsustainable culture
2) Forcing our government into meaningful action to slow global warming AND
3) Preparing ourselves for living in a warm[er] world

So what I'm hoping to offer on this blog is a kind of informational triage for our current unsustainable carbon-intensive lifestyle - making "news you can use" out of all these threads of science, politics, technology and the like. Needless to say, I welcome any and all constructive comments, suggestions, links and blogs of note. Let's get things rolling, shall we? StumbleUpon Reddit newsvine newsvine

Blogger Julia Lynch said...

Keep it coming!

Here's a link for your blogroll (slow food, a topic near and dear to many a cooperator's heart):

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We in Mt Airy are fortunate to live in one of the best green neighborhoods in the country...and Weavers Way Co-op is our anchor for community based sustainability.
Best of luck with the blog!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two words: RSS feed.

Good luck!

Blogger tlaskawy said...

RSS Feed added! Thanks.

Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for doing this!

Anonymous betty said...

Great site-thank you! Check it out-Google CEO Schmidt says punching down into the earth to capture natural and clean geothermal energy could help move the United States away from its dependence on petroleum.Dec. 16,2008

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